Are you working hard every day but still can’t seem to scrape together a down payment or get your credit in order enough to qualify for a loan? Take these real life tips & tricks so you can slay that homeowner goal of yours:

Huff Post takes the guesswork out of six main problems that stop homeowners from becoming just that— and what you can do to conquer them.

NPR takes on the trend of micro housing- & breaks into bite sized pieces for the rest of us

The LA Times comforts us that it’s not our fault houses are so hard to afford (& eating out isn’t causing our house less dilemma).

The Simple Dollar reminds us not to get carried away with those big home dreams.

& CNBC encourages us to settle in for the long haul- & keep on, keepin’ on.

But remember the old saying- Home is Where the Heart Is. ❤️

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